Adventures on the Horizon!

I travel around a lot.  I feel like its not a lot but it's enough to my my friends jealous.  So I thought I would start blogging about my adventures, showing pictures from the cool locations, events or activities that I go to/do/participate in.  I am going to be posting hopefully a couple times a week.  But it all depends on where I am (if I have wifi) and how much I am shooting.  

Some of my upcoming adventures are Trinidad, ABC Islands, Taiwan, Japan, Shri Lanka.  

I'll also be positing past adventures since I just started this blog.  I have different performances like Alessia Cara, cool locations like Israel, and fun adventures like LA County Fair.  Also I'll be posting different shoots I've done with friends and models.  

It's all exciting.  If you have recommendations of places I should go or people I should shoot, of if you want to do a shoot with me email me.  I'm friendly, I promise.  Would love to hear from you.

You can also follow my adventures on Instagram - @jakecapturedthis.

Selfie in Trinidad