Drew Cole Live

My buddy Drew Cole called up me about two weeks ago and told me he was performing at Lucky Strike at Hollywood and Highland. He asked if I could take some stills.

Of course I would!

Now when I say he is legit...he is LEGIT!!!

I actually hadn't heard him live until this show and WOW!  Check out his stuff, see him live if you have the opprotunity.  

Exploring DTLA from the Ground and the Sky

I got a drone about a year ago and have been travel the world with it.  

Now it can get scary because I don't always know the laws and don't really look them up when I should.  

However that's not the point of this post.  This is post and adventure was actually inspired by a fellow photographer and one of my great friends John Guerin.  He should be a long exposure drone shot and I was blown away.  

I knew instantly what I needed to do. 

I proceeded to charge up my batteries and wait till the sunset!

I drove out to Downtown Los Angeles and sent the drone in the sky.  I couldn't go to DTLA and not take some stills from the ground with my Canon.  


LA County Fair

I love when my friends call me for last minute adventures.  

Cynthia calls me saying "The last day of the LA County Fair is today and if I wanna go and shoot and hang out?"

"I'd love to but I'm shooting a charity gold tournament today. Where is it and when are you going?"

"It's tonight and in Pomona."

The golf tournament is 15 min from Pomona and ends at 5.

"I'll be there!"

And an epic night ensued...

At the fair: I went to the Jake Owen show, rode rides, went to the coolest light installation, and clubbing.  ALL AT THE FAIR!!! pretty much the coolest fair I've ever been too.  

Adventures on the Horizon!

I travel around a lot.  I feel like its not a lot but it's enough to my my friends jealous.  So I thought I would start blogging about my adventures, showing pictures from the cool locations, events or activities that I go to/do/participate in.  I am going to be posting hopefully a couple times a week.  But it all depends on where I am (if I have wifi) and how much I am shooting.  

Some of my upcoming adventures are Trinidad, ABC Islands, Taiwan, Japan, Shri Lanka.  

I'll also be positing past adventures since I just started this blog.  I have different performances like Alessia Cara, cool locations like Israel, and fun adventures like LA County Fair.  Also I'll be posting different shoots I've done with friends and models.  

It's all exciting.  If you have recommendations of places I should go or people I should shoot, of if you want to do a shoot with me email me.  I'm friendly, I promise.  Would love to hear from you.  JakeCapturedThis@gmail.com

You can also follow my adventures on Instagram - @jakecapturedthis.

Selfie in Trinidad

Hoodie Allen

No Interruption - No Faith In Brooklyn - All About It (my favorite songs)

Literally every song on every album this guy puts out I fall in love with it.  Maybe because he's white.  Maybe it's because he raps.  Maybe because he's Jewish.  Maybe because he's basically exactly like me.  

or he's just really fucking talented in my opinion! Either way, it was a blast getting to shoot him live at the Observatory in OC! Such a fun show - went out into the middle of the audience stage diving, went back in the audience later and threw cake at people while performing, crowd surfed again in a inflatable boat - EPIC NIGHT!


Heather texts me...

"Jake, you said you want to go on an adventure...Cynthia, Nikki and I are going on SantaCon.  Wanna join?"

"What the HELL is Santa Con?"

"Everyone dresses up in santa outfits and goes on a bar crawl!"

How can I say no to that?

Pi Day

I have a fun birthday date.  It is March 14.  It happens to also be Pi Day - 3.14.  Pi as in the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter.  So every year I got pie for my birthday in math class. 

However this past year I had a fun treat.  My old school called me up and asked me to do a fun thing with the student body.  

I got to take an aerial drone shot of the student body.  

It was a lot of fun.  All of the kids were pretty excited to see the drone flying above them!

Gumball 3000

So I get a call at 8pm from my friend Fazil saying, "Gumball 3000 is in LA tonight!" I became REALLY confused.  Was that code for something? Should I know what that means? Well I found out quickly that it is a bunch of super cars that drive around for about a week or two.  I instantly got in my car, picked Fazil up and drove to the Staples Center where I found a glorious site of 50+ million dollars worth of cars.  I enjoyed snapping photos.  I was a little kid in a candy store.  


Recently one of my best friends got married.  As one of two best men, we had to cooridnate a bachelor party! Don't worry, there were NO strippers.  Or least no picture evidence of them.  (Just kidding Erin!)

We went ATVing in Pismo Beach.  I snagged a couple photos while in the middle of the Dunes with the boys! 

BTW - the dude with the massive air was not part of our crew, but a local showing off (I had to snag a pic of him - too epic!)

Gotta LOVE Old Cars

So, recently my friends and I were up the coast in Mid-California halfway between LA and SF and we decided to stop off at a Mexican restaurant, Old Juan's Cantina.  And oh boy when we pulled up the first thing we saw were these beautiful vintage cars.  Of course, I INSTANTLY pulled my camera out and had to start snapping photos.  Just then a group of 20 elderly gentlemen and some of their wives walk out of Old Juan's Cantina.  They walked up to their cars.  I turned to my friends and we all shared a moment of "that's what we are going to be like in 50 years."  Anyways, so much fun to watch them drive off, and if you could only hear those engines roar, you would appreciate it just as me.